Lama Town is the work of non-award-winning writer Lukas Flad. One may say that this webcomic is just like every other webcomic and one may be absolutely correct.


Why a webcomic?

It was either this or doing something productive.

Why “Lama Town”?

Because I had the chance to buy the domain and I took it.

Okay, but why Lamas?

Lamas are the third most amazing animals on planet earth.

Do you know that there is a typo in “Lama”?

It’s a typo in English but not in German.

Why are your comics in English while “Lama” is still in German?

Because Lama with two “l” looks stupid.

Do you know that there is a typo in comic xy?

No. But thanks. I’m not going to change it but thank you. Means a lot.

Do you know that your English is horrendous?

Yes. This is what you get from eleven years of learning English in school and then studying English for five years at the university.

I get your obsession with Lamas but why snowmen?

Snowmen are freaking amazing. Thank Bill Watterson.

Why does every character look almost identical to his appearance in the other comics?


What font do you use?

The font in the speech bubbles is SundayComics BB from Nate Piekos.

How do you make your comics?

Pen, paper and satanic sacrifices.*

Why do you upload new comics so erratic?

Because each time I want to make a comic I have to find a new goat for the ritual.

Why can’t you answer truthfully?

*And while we’re at it: I don’t use the Oxford comma – unless it has some comedic value.